Le Management Kids is Scandinavia’s leading agency for kid models. We are located in both Aarhus and Copenhagen and represent models from all over Denmark while servicing clients both nationally and internationally. With an aim to create special moments for our models, LM Kids supports the model every step of the way from their first casting at the agency to attending jobs for clients.

Based on a loving approach, strong sense of ethics and over 10 years of experience in the industry, LM Kids secures alignment between our clients' wishes and needs and our models through thorough guidance and support. We value honest and empathic relations with our models and their parents. Therefore, our casting with the child is very important as we get to meet each other meanwhile you get a sense of what it is like going on modelling jobs.

Being a kid model is considered a hobby, just like football, singing or any other hobbies, and aims to give the child new, exciting experiences. Therefore, it is crucial that it is in the child’s own interest to participate in modeling jobs.


How do I apply to become a kid model?
You apply to become a model by filling out the form on our website right here. Our casting team reviews the application and decides whether you are invited to a casting. After the casting, we assess whether we can offer to represent the child based on our clients’ demand.

What is expected from parents when joining Le Management Kids?
When joining LM Kids, parents are expected to take part in the collaboration and join the model on jobs as they are always supposed to be accompanied by a trusted adult when going on jobs. Furthermore, parents are expected to update the model’s profile every other month as these updates are crucial for us to offer modelling jobs.

What kind of jobs are offered?
The jobs we offer are mainly catalogues, commercials or e-commerce within the toy or fashion industry. The frequency of job offers vary as it is ultimately the clients’ choice which models are booked for the jobs.

When and where do jobs take place?
Jobs are primarily located in or around Aarhus and Copenhagen. They mainly take place on weekdays during regular working hours. You are always able to reject job offers that do not fit into your schedule.

What is the payment for jobs?
The model always receive payment for the jobs they perform. The payment varies and depend on the time frame and usage of the material.