Benni’s first fashion show

Back in August Benni got the chance to walk his first fashion show for Helmstedt accompanied by his mother and little sister.

How did you become a model?

I started out as a model because my mother is modelling as well. And when I found out my best friends, Nola and Kaya, also were models at LM Kids, I wanted to try it out as well. I was thinking that maybe we would be able to play together some times, because we live far from each other.

How did the day of the fashion show go?

We met with the team at the Royal Theatre and there was croissants. Then we spend some time getting ready and I got to play a little on my mothers phone to kill the waiting time. Then we practised how to walk a lot of times. It was a little hard, but when the show started, we had been practised so much, that I wasn’t really nervous anymore. It was so much fun to participate.

What do you like the most about modelling?

The best part about modelling is getting to travel and stay at a hotel some times. I love to try that. But it is also so much fun to try on lots of new clothes. Then I know what to tell my mother that I am going to wish for.