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In the beginning of march Freja got an unique opportunity to travel abroad for a modelling job. The spanish brand MANGO offered her a job modelling for one of their collections and Freja couldn’t be more thrilled. Freja and her father were to stay four nights at Hotel Jazz located centrally in wonderful Barcelona. The job was her first one outside of Denmark and it turned out to be such a lovely and exciting experience.

Freja was working tuesday, wednesday and thursday. Tuesday morning she and her father were picked up by a driver who drove them to Lloret de Mar where they we shooting in a beautiful park. “I was very excited and my stomach was full of butterflies. There were around 20-25 people and everyone was doing their own tasks. It was only me and another sweet girl from Holland who were shooting together. It was a little crazy that to many people were working on set when we were the only two models” Freja explains.

”I am so thankful for getting this huge opportunity and so proud of myself for doing it”

When arriving, Freja was styled and afterwards, she got her picture taken alone and then together with the model from Holland. They got to run around in bare feet with bicycles. Even though Freja and the other girl didn’t understand each other they became friends. The day ended around 6 o’clock and they were taken back to the hotel. The next two days were spent shooting more pictures at MANGO’s head quarters in Barcelona. The days started with styling and a lot of pictures alone in amazing outfits. The days were so much fun and as Freja says “I got to decide on my own how to pose in front of the camera. The photographer and stylist gave me a lot of praise”.

When the time wasn’t spend in front of the camera, Freja went shopping in the beautiful streets of Barcelona. Even though the days were long, it was such an exciting trip and she loved every minute of it. The days flew by and if she was ever asked to do it again, her answer would be: “YES, without a doubt. If I ever got the offer again I would for sure say YES and pack up my suit case immediately. It was such a great trip and I have learned so much. I love to challenge myself and try new things that push my limits”.

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The best thing about the job was exactly getting to challenge herself and pushing her boundaries. “I have gained so much faith in myself. I know that I can do these things and I believe in myself. It has been so great and I also feel like I have gotten so much more comfortable speaking english” Freja explains.

In the beginning she was quite nervous about speaking english and thought it was a little challenging. In the end, she didn’t even consider it and everyone was able to understand each other.

When asking Freja what she dreams about doing when she gets older her answer is clear:

“One of my biggest dreams is to become a known model and getting to have a long career in the fashion industry. I dream about being able to make a living from modelling. I really love being a model and wouldn’t wish to be anything else. I really want to travel and experience the world while getting being photographed with lots of different people. I dream of getting to be a model for many more years and making a living out of it”