boy and girl having fun



When asking Sophia what the best think about being a kid model is, her answer is clear: all the new, great friends you make. “We always have so much fun when being together on jobs and sometimes we get to eat candy in the breaks” Sophia explains. She also mentions all the new clothing you get to see before it launches in stores. “Then I get to tell my mom about all the clothes going on my wishlist” Sophia tells.  

She explains how she has made new friends while being on modelling jobs: “You always become friends to some degree with the other kids on job because you have fun together and get your picture taken together. Some of the kids that you get to see a lot on different jobs, you become close friends with because you get to know each other really well and play with each other in the breaks.  

boy and girl eating icecream and smiling

This is also the case for Sophia and her good friend Lui. At this point, they have been modelling together for numerous times. When Lui and his mother, Nadja, visits Aarhus, they go out to eat dinner together on a restaurant. “It’s so much fun and so cosy. The first time we went out for dinner, we laughed so hard we were barely able to stop again” Sophia explains. “After dinner we went out for icecream together. We asked for five cups of icecream, but we were only allowed two each”.